It takes several years to become a good polo player

Roughly there are 6 steps to take.

Step 1 is to control your horse

Step 2 is to hit the ball

Step 3 is to know the rules on the polofield

Step 4 is to be aware of your own  position on the polofield

Step 5 is to be aware of the other poloplayers positions on the field

Step 6 is to implement tactics and strategy in the pologame

If you want to start playing Polo, we can offer you the following possibility:


This Polo Lesson starts with talking about the game of polo, riding polo horses and hitting the ball (around 15 minutes). Most of the time we start with a hitting exercise on a chair or on a wooden horse.
After that, you go on the polohorse to the polofield (or arena) under the guidance of a poloplayer, who gives you riding and hitting instructions (maximum 45 minutes on the horse).

The polo lesson takes around one hour in total.


  • First Polo lesson takes 1,5 hour and costst around E 150,- .
  • Next Polo lessons are 1 hour and costs around E 100,- .

Note: Riding experience is preferred.

For exact prices and info about Pololessons on: